Tilda vs WordPress

    I have the oppurtinity to test Tilda.

    In few lines Tilda is easy, take the time of maintenance and you earn time but you pay more.

    With  Tilda you do not need plugins, backups but you rent a space and you are not able to move your site, if you do not pay you are not going to have site, of course for landing pages and more there is an export utility(HTML + CSS) of the site given that you have domain name.

    Tilda is a setof blocks that you can use, modify and set of themes, you also can create your own blocks and themes.

    Tilda means more money, less maintenance, easy site builting, security, no upgrades, no errors, no incompatibilty of plugins  and more

    The choise is yours.


    V. Katsanioti,


    Kaliningrad Oblast


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